• Red wines from the ENTRE-DEUX-MERS region finally recognized!

    Transparency for the consumer and recognition of our terroir.

    Restricted to white wines for almost a century, the Entre-Deux-Mers appellation will market its first red wines as early as 2025.

    Things are moving in Entre-deux-Mers!

    As President of the Syndicat de l'Entre-deux-Mers, David Labat (winegrower at Château Vermont with his wife Elisabeth) was keen to take this issue to heart and repair this "1937 oversight". This is something Entre-Deux-Mers winegrowers have been hoping and praying for for 30 years.

    Indeed, since its creation nearly a century ago, the Entre-Deux-Mers Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée has been restricted to its white wines. In reality, Entre-Deux-Mers has historically produced 85% red wines. Winegrowers have to claim their red wines as Appellation Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur, without being able to link them to their terroir.

    Thanks to a shared determination on the part of Entre-deux-Mers winegrowers (93% of the vote was in favor of the project), a collaborative effort and great tenacity, the project was finally validated by the Institut National de l'Origine et de la Qualité in spring 2023.

    A small revolution for the Bordeaux vineyards.

    The 1st vintage of Entre-deux-Mers red will be produced from the 2023 harvest, and marketed from January 1, 2025, to allow time for ageing.

    The aim is to meet consumer expectations for transparency of origin and recognition of the aromatic character of our wines. Thanks to strong measures in the specifications: minimum planting density of 4,500 feet, parcel-by-parcel commitment, 21-month ageing period, local grape varieties, compulsory blending of 2 grape varieties.

    Our aim is to help you discover wines that showcase the terroir from which they come: Entre-Deux-Mers, and reflect the work of the passionate people who make them.

    France 3 Nouvelle Aquitaine. Wine: Entre-deux-Mers red