Between audacity, modernity and tradition, we take great care to produce wines of quality and elegance representative of our unique terroir. Elisabeth and David LABAT

Our fruity range

Fusion by Vermont

"Dive into the "fusion" world of Vermont

The FUSION collection pays tribute to the "unique" art of blending! The FUSION of grape varieties that gives all the aromatic complexity of our best varieties. The FUSION of wildlife and biodiversity, the assemblage of Vermont animals represented by unique sketches: GARNET TRUITY, ECRENOUILLE, TORTUREUIL, CERFCARGOT, SANGLION, RENAPOULE... The FUSION of our common passion.

The 3 colors have been vinified to extract the maximum of aromas on the fruit, fresh, light and fruity wines.

The wine of friends!


Purity range

These wines are the expression of our passion, harvested at maturity, vinified on the roundness to extract the specific fruit aromas of their grape varieties. Aging on lees for the whites and gentle aging in barrels for the reds are the key words for mastering the balance.

Fresh and tasty wines, to be enjoyed without moderation!


Great vintage

Produced on our best plots, low yields, optimal maturity, aged in new French oak barrels for 1 year, this wine is the revelation of our terroir of Entre-deux-Mers and of the great wines of Bordeaux.

The Excellence of the Great Wines of Bordeaux, today, among the greatest!

our pride

The Soul

The soul of our passion, of our land, of VERMONT... A work of craftsmanship, of requirement, vinified entirely in new oak barrels, with reformation of the barrels after fermentation for an ageing between 14 and 18 months.

An aromatic bomb with a rare power! A very Great Wine of exception !

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