Visit Vermont!

A region and a surprising site reminiscent of Tuscany where, at the edge of the woods, the estate and its park are revealed. A preserved place with birdsong in the background where a deer, a hare, a squirrel can appear... The ideal place to enjoy in peace.


A privileged approach allowing you to discover the key stages of tasting in a simple and friendly way.

Visit and tasting

We will accompany you for a visit of the domain. From the vineyard to the cellar, you will discover the transformation of the grapes into wine. To finish, a tasting of the wines of Château Vermont will introduce you to the aromatic characteristics of the different grape varieties.

The board of flavors

An invitation to savor the wine around a board of cheese, cold cuts... in all intimacy in the park of the property in order to take full advantage of the place, of the present moment by apprehending the tasting by varying the tastes and textures.

Wine and Chocolate Workshop

For chocolate aficionados, this workshop combines the sweet flavors of Master Chocolatier with those of Vermont wines for a tasting experience that's sure to please! Awaken your taste buds, test the notions of aromas, textures and terroirs... and the subtle alliance of flavors.

The Vermont vertical

The comparison of the same wine over several years. A journey through time that will allow you to follow the evolution of the grape varieties, the terroir, the climatic influence..., the impact of our work, according to the weather conditions, of our choices...

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