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Our commitments

Our desire: to welcome you and make you discover our domain, our job, our passion, full of authenticity and to share suspended moments. Our values have pushed us over the years to innovate and to always be respectful of our environment, current steps, with the realization that our practices were already going in the right direction, living ourselves in the middle of the vineyards.



Since 2019, we have been certified as a High Environmental Value farm level 3. The HVE certification is an official recognition created by the Ministry of Agriculture, the most demanding among the environmental certification schemes for farms.

Zero herbicide

Since 2022, we have committed ourselves to not using any herbicides. The objective is to maintain the soil under the rows essentially by mowing, which is more respectful of the soil's life. An efficient soil management that relies on the natural functions of the soil, protects against erosion, provides organic matter and provides an alternative to the use of herbicides...


In our approach to work in reasoned agriculture and in the respect of the environment we work to obtain the Bee friendly label. It highlights good practices in order to have a sustainable agriculture, which preserves biodiversity and which allows to preserve pollinators, insects so useful and yet so threatened.

Committed winemakers

Independent winegrowers

For many years, we have been members of this winegrowers' union, which is based on 2 main axes: Defense of the independent winegrower's profession and promotion of the profession and its economic development. The membership of this union allows us, among other things, to participate in the Independent Winegrowers Competition, to participate in public fairs, to use the logo for our communication, a real landmark for consumers.

President of the Syndicat de l'Entre-deux-Mers

In 2021 David LABAT is elected to head the Syndicat de l'Entre-deux-Mers. In the wine business for more than 17 years, he begins in July 2021 the role of a President who wants to be dynamic and unifying.

Representative of the AOC

In 2019, David LABAT is the representative of the AOC of our beautiful region that is Entre-deux-Mers to the Federation of Great Wines of Bordeaux, the CIVB and the National Confederation of producers of wines with AOC.

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